What on Earth Do Cape Coral Raccoons Eat? Plants, Meat, Human Food???

Raccoons are omnivores, they have the ability to digest meat and Cape Coral plant materials. They have the outstanding capacity to solve problem and they have the immense capability to utilize their paws. This helps them thrive in different living conditions. They can use their paws to open garbage cans, locks, and latch. They will also use it to analyze the food and eliminate the part of the food that they don' t want to eat. It is also a known fact that the raccoons have the habit to soak their food in water before eating them.

The Natural Diet of the Raccoon

Raccoons are practical and smart Florida creatures that help them survive in the city. Whether it is in the city or the country, hot or cold climate, they will survive due to the fact that they are not picky when it comes to their foods. They simply adjust their diet to the foods that are widely available in their natural setting.


The fruits are essential for this Cape Coral creature. They will consume cherries, berries, and apples in large amount especially if it is available. They will gather beechnuts and acorn to help them survive the harsh winter season. They will also ingest an array of grains and seeds. When the raccoons live close to the farm, they will gladly munch on the corns. Most of the time, they will survive by eating corns.

Small Animals

Raccoon when in the wild will live near bodies of water. Their natural diet will include Florida crayfish, turtles, and small amphibians. They will also hunt small mammals such as rabbit, muskrats, bats, mice, and voles. They will also eat birds and ducks in case they found one. In case none of these are available in their environment, they will look for mussels, and snakes. Their natural diet will also be dictated by the season. During the spring, they will eat meats of animals and on summer they prefer to consume vegetations.

Other Foods

Raccoons are known to be opportunistic feeders, eating anything that they come across as long as it is edible. They will eat duck eggs, turtle eggs and all kinds of eggs that can provide them nourishment. Insects and earthworms are also essential part of their diet. In the spring season, grain, nuts and fruits are widely available that can also invite various types of insects. The raccoons who live in the residential community will visit the houses regularly to look for the leftovers in the trash and the pet food that has been left outside.


Raccoons that live with the Florida humans are used to scavenging their meals. They will rummage the trash bins in order to search for the leftovers. They can also invade our house to steal some of our food. The dead creatures will serve as an easy meal for them. Their habit of scavenging dead animals on the road may expose them to dangers.

Knowing the natural diet of the Cape Coral raccoon will help you choose the best food to use as bait. Ensuring that your yard is free from their food can make your home less desirable in their eyes.

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