The Worst to Expect When a Squirrel Enters Your Cape Coral Home!

An increasing number of Cape Coral homeowners are discovering squirrels inside their house. This is probably due to the increase of their population in the urban setting. The squirrels prefer to live in the safe and warm areas of our house. The unremarkable place in our house is an excellent place for the mother squirrel to raise her kits. Unfortunately, they can also wreak havoc on our house. They can chew electrical wires and weaken the foundation of our house.

How Do You Know If There Are Squirrels in Your House?

In case there are Florida squirrels living in your house, you will most possibly hear the strange noises during the day. The tiny size of the baby squirrels may sometimes lead them to the wall cavity. They will create scratching sound since they are unable to escape. They can also die in the void of our walls which will produce an unbearable scent. Droppings are also obvious sign of active infestation. You also need to pay attention to the sign of damages that requires immediate attention.

Possible Damages from Squirrel Infestation

When in the wild, the Cape Coral squirrels prefer to live in the trees. However, when they are in the city, they will invade the less-frequented areas of our house such as garage, basement, attic, etc. Once they are inside our house, they can destroy various materials in our house. Here are some possible damages that you should expect.

  • The presence of squirrel in your house can expose you to numerous health risks.
  • Squirrels may carry ticks that can transfer to your Florida pets. The fleas may also get trapped in your furniture and carpet. Getting the parasites would be more challenging than driving the squirrels away.
  • Apart from the possible health hazards, the squirrels will need to gnaw a variety of materials in order to control the growth of their teeth. They will chew boards and our electrical wires. Exposed live wires can lead to electrocution or fires.

  • How to Get the Squirrels Out

    In some instances, getting the squirrels out of your Florida house is as easy as showing them an escape route. Close all the doors that lead to your rooms and leave the exterior doors open. Place your pets inside and it will chase the squirrel away. On the off chance that there are no exits, you can use a live trap to capture the raccoon. Be sure that you will wear protective gears when trapping and releasing them. Remember that relocating will not work with the squirrel. Based on the report, only a small amount of raccoon that has been relocated will survive. If you don' t address the real cause of the infestation, it will only take a few days before another nuisance creature will replace them.

    Controlling the population of the Cape Coral squirrel is a professional work. It is not advisable to tackle this job on your own. While you might be successful in capturing the squirrel, the experts will be able to provide a long-term treatment.

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